pic 20Warnam

Warnam is the most exciting and elaborate part of a bharatnatyam recital. Warnam as an name indicate means "colors". The complexity of its choreography presents an opportunity for the dance to bring to life mythological themes, while also displaying a mastery of  nnita (pure dance) and abhinaya (facial expression) require skillful transition between them. In todays varnam brings the story "narshima avatar" from dashavtar. Narsimha (being a man-lion god form) kills demos king hirnayakashipu

Ragam-chandrakauns     Thalam-adi



pic 28Keerthanaan

keerthanaan is composed of pure dance nrita and expression dance. in this item with bhakti rasa, the dancer extols the virtues of lord shiva who married goddess parvathi asking for his blessings.

Ragam-singhu Bhairavi    Thalam-adi